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Copywriting: what it is and why you need it

What is copywriting?

There’s all sorts of writers out there. Authors, who write fiction and non-fiction books. Journalists, who write news, entertainment and investigative pieces. Content writers who create blogs and articles for digital and print publications and websites. And then there’s copywriters.

Each type of writing has a different purpose, and so needs different skill-sets to really nail the message.

When it comes to selling, and let’s face it, every business needs to do it, you need crystal clear messaging. Your audience needs to be left feeling like they must spend their money with you. And that’s what a copywriter does best.

What is copywriting?

Ask anyone what copywriting is, and you’ll likely be met with a few blank faces. People rarely know what it is, and yet they probably see the end result all day every day. Copywriters create things like website content, website sales pages, billboards, brochures, ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, email newsletters, catalogs, and many other things – all designed to sell something. 

It’s the words on a page that make someone think ‘I must have that’. Words that motivate people and turn them into active buyers. Copywriting should be a key part of your content strategy, ensuring that you convert customers.

Why you need a copywriter

The words used in any copywriting (or the text the audience reads) is called ‘copy’. It’s a monstrous part of the advertising and marketing industry and should be a significant part of any marketing or content plan. Copywriters are used to working alongside business owners, web designers, developers, graphic designers, marketing strategists and many other professional services, so they know how things work – and they know how to position your products or services in front of an audience. Copywriters are also (usually) well versed in good SEO practice, storytelling, sales funnels – and they’re business owners themselves, so they understand just how important a good result is to you.

So, when you next think, “I need to write that”, ask yourself if you should talk to a copywriter.  You’ll save yourself time, money and, possibly, your reputation. Get it done right the first time, and focus on your customer.

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