Travel Copywriter New Zealand

Travel copywriting

Editorials and articles

Lovers of travel want to go everywhere and see everything. Whether you’re in the budget or luxury markets, we can help you stay top of mind with engaging, clickable, and share-worthy content.

Custom created for newspaper, magazine or digital use.

  • Turn dreamers into buyers
  • Demonstrate your industry knowledge
  • Create trust with customers
Options available
  • Website blogs
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine feature articles
  • Editorial content planning
  • Editorial calendar management

SEO website copywriting

Your website should leave customers feeling like they completely understand what you do. It should demonstrate (and back up) why you’re the best in your business with information you know they need. And it should create leads for you.

We’ll create website copy that speaks directly to travellers and industry peers.

  • Send a clear message to your customers.
  • Increase leads and conversions.
Options available
  • SEO-optimised new copy or refreshed copy for your website
  • Keyword research
  • Website audits

Social media

Love it or hate it, it’s hard to escape social media. But with so many platforms with varying guidelines, it can be frustrating trying to create the right content.

Options available
  • Social snippets across all platforms

CRM copywriting

Your customer database is an important asset, and they deserve the right kind of attention. We can collate content for newsletters and targeted customer email sequences.

  • Become the trusted source


Options available
  • Newsletter copy
  • Email templates

Speech writing

Whether virtual or face-to-face, to one person or many, speeches must be crafted with care. You must know your audience (why they’re listening, what they’re expecting to hear and the message you want them to take away).

Options available
  • Speech only
  • Speech plus read-through

Whitepaper and eBooks

Expertise is the perfect thing to share with people wanting to deep-dive into your offering. Whitepapers and eBooks are high-quality, evidence-based publications that position you as an industry leader.

  • Lead your industry
  • Be the go-to for proof



Professional bio and profiles

We’ll create a professional bios or profiles that you can use on websites, proposals, newspapers, social media, and business cards.

  • Stand out from the field
Options available
  • Face-to-face interview (travel costs may apply)
  • Zoom interview (photo, LinkedIN profile, news article links and background information required)

Commercial editing

Are you writing important reports or articles?

A copy edit of your words will create a clearer message for your audience so that every word counts.

We can copy edit any kind of information.


Spelling mistakes and simple grammar errors can be the end of your credibility. And you should never proofread your own work.




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