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THE PROJECT started as an Instagram account focused on our sky. Clouds, stars, sunrises, sunsets, storms, and more clouds. What it reinforced to writer and photographer Heather Woods, is that some of simplest things in life offer the most clarity. is a place to share our one, great life.

Curated collections of words and photographs to inspire awe and wonder of everything around you.

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The Project

DIY website

Need to DIY your website copy? Here’s your essential guide. Everyone has a website these days. So, how do you stand out in such a crowded spot? The internet is like a party where everyone arrived in the same outfit.

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Case study

How to write a kick-ass case study Make the most of your success stories in six simple steps Note: I wrote this article for the Flying Solo business community and I’ve republished it here to share the case study love.

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Words Have Power

Make your next speech a knockout If you need to make a speech, chances are it’s for something important. But whether it’s a special birthday or anniversary party, or you’ve been invited to talk at a TED session, you can

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